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As my first blog post, I thought I would explain a little of how Wonderfully Mei Designs first came together, and where I have come from.

Wonderfully Mei Designs started out as a very grass roots idea, birthed from prophetic painting and a place of healing and intimate time with God. Sufficed to say, that lay the foundation for what this company is really about.

At the very beginning, what I had to offer was creating prophetic paintings to sell on an individual and commissioned basis. The rest of the paintings were painted as and when God would give me a message; these were offered as encouragement for not just myself, but for others to appreciate too. A few people have bought a few of these pre-done paintings as the originals themselves or as prints, or even to be used in books as illustrations! Along with this, I made and sold some hand-crafted jewellery, as well as some journals. I decided not to concentrate on this, as I did not possess quite the finesse to pull it off! I tried, though!

Despite this whole process being incredibly fruitful and amazing, I decided to develop something else to complement the art side of things. And so with that thought, rediscovered the art and elements of design and fell in love with it all over again!  I feel owing to the combination of the two above areas, I am able to offer a wealth of expertise and skills, which is pretty unique in the design field these days.

And so, with that I am proud to announce the re-launch of Wonderfully Mei Designs! Complete with new branding, services, and colour scheme! Hope you like it.

Let’s get creative!

Mei xxx


5 responses to “Wonderfully Mei Blog”

  1. parentconnectenc Avatar

    Your blog is beautiful. So stream-lined and polished!


    1. Thank you so much! That’s so nice of you to say! I took quite some time to design it! 😉 ♡♥♡


  2. I love the design of your blog and your purpose of your company. Beautifully written and I wish you nothing but success 🙂


    1. Thank you SO much. That is so kind of you to say! =) I really appreciate your lovely words!

      Liked by 1 person

    2. no problem 🙂 keep writing ! ❤


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