The Plight of Perfectionism and its Effect on Creatives


As an artist and illustrator, I find it difficult to know when a piece is finished.

It seems to me, there is always something more that I can do in order for the piece to look more finished. It is definitely a pain. I have to purposely stop and give myself a reminder of grace, and to create without restriction or expectation, to just create because it is within me. No pressure and certainly no bars held.

I think I have always given myself more pressure than needs be, in order to ‘get the work done’. There are some tasks, which require this sort of mind-set and are fairly easy to get out of the way and the job is done. But with creative work, it is much more than that; we have to come back to it – again, and again. We have to add to it, refine it, and detail it … it is a more intricate process. Pain-staking, in fact.

And I find that when I give myself the space, and the grace, I am able to create better  work. When I say “better”, I mean work that I am proud of that accurately represents my inner artistic and creative flair. It is work that just flows from the soul (as cheesy as that sounds) but grace unstoppers the soul and creates a much more beautiful flow; something that is effortless and free.

Space also allows me a clearer and better thinking space but when pushed, and pressured, my thoughts become this strained jumble and I do not feel like Mei, /sigh. Oh, the pains of being a creative!

But this is really where I want to remain when I want to create. And I will try to make every effort to remain in this place of grace and rest, instead of striving.

photo-1448932133140-b4045783ed9e (2)

Mei xxx


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