Life Teams

And the importance of them!

Jenelle Ball

You can only move as fast as,
Who’s in front of you,
And if you assume,
Just like them,
What good will it do.

Whenever I hear these lyrics, I am reminded to check who is in front of me, who is beside me and who is behind me, (metaphorically speaking of course).

Who am I looking toward, for inspiration in my faith walk, my personal development, and my career prospects and goals?

Who you put in front of you, beside you, behind you and around you is so important. These people will be your life bumpers, your source of life, energy, knowledge and wisdom – people who will impart into your life.

We must check, and check again who we surround ourselves with.

Some may drain us, hold us back, and more often, distract us from what we are supposed to be doing or could be doing with where we are. (I am still working this one out!)



These can apply to people who have faith and to people without. The first few are applicable to those within the Christian faith!

Who is on your team?

Who are you doing life with? Who do you check in regularly, and who is able to flag up blind spots for you?

  • Do these people draw you closer to God?
  • Do they encourage you in your faith walk?
  • Do these people lift you up, encourage you and speak life into you?
  • Do they meet you exactly where you are, even in your weaknesses, flaws and failings?


What groups are you connected with on a wider scale?

  • Church communities (small groups/house groups/connect groups)
  • Help groups
  • Groups with similar interests (musical or otherwise!)



As a creative entrepreneur, I did find it very difficult to forge ahead with what I wanted in terms of forming a brand and an identity with my company. This is especially so, when most other people I know, work regular 9 – 5 jobs.

This is why the firework people group (a group of creative, entrepreneurs and general dream-chasers)have proved highly essential for encouraging me in pursuing my creative endeavours.

Without this constant form of encouragement, fire and amazing group of women, I don’t think I would have the guts to even think about really forging a career out of Art and writing.

Are you linked in with other people within your respective fields?

Are you connected to communities and networks, from which you can draw inspiration and knowledge from?

Are you able to access people who are doing what you want to do, in the long-run? Are you connected with people who can offer expertise and wisdom from where they are at in their careers?

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