My Vision


As an entrepreneur, vision is important.

It is the root of what we do and the core of who we are.

It represents our core values, our work ethic, our reach and what we’d like to do, and how we’d like to do it.

Once we’ve got that down, creating the various pathway with which we can branch out, is easy. Once we know who we are; our reach will echo that too.

And so, getting back to my roots and asking myself, what exactly is Wonderfully Mei Designs all about? It is more than just excellent design work and creating wonderful connections too. It is encouraging a culture of creativity.

Creativity is definitely something that is underrated in everyday life but I think we do need doses of it, and in my case, big bucket loads of it! I suppose I live, breathe, and am intoxicated by creating; whether through art, illustration or design work. I would love to encourage creativity as much as I can, whether passively through my services or directly through workshops and coaching.

So, what is your particular vision and how do you inject creativity in to your every day life?

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