Client Journey – Desert Book Cover



Client Project features, is a blog section where I feature projects that I have worked on in the past.  I create these to just to give a little more detail on the work processes I go through, and along with that, where I find inspiration from.



What was the Project based on? What were the Specifications?

This project was for a front cover illustration for a new book – a short, literary novel.

Who was it for?

Justin McKinney, who is an exciting and new author on the scene. He works for Pearson Packaging Systems and hopes to carve out his own career path as an author.

First Steps

We had a fairly informal consultation over messages, just to get a feel for what Justin required and the overall look and feel he was looking for, for this project. This led to a quick sketch-up with a few ideas.

He decided to go with a desert scene, set with an evening sky overhead.


We started with a few mock-ups to decide the general composition, style and colours that I’d use to depict the imagery that Justin wanted. It started off with a quick sketch of the landscape with ideas of the colours that could be used within.

The whole project was very organic and natural, and very instinctive as I seemed to be able to come up with a composition and colours that fit what Justin had in mind, and beyond that too! I think it’s always important to know or anticipate what my clients want before they realise, and to give a wide variety of options too.

Final Design and Feedback

Justin was absolutely stoked with the final piece, and we hope to work together on some future projects where his writing is concerned!

For this project I had specific requirements for the imagery, yet, I wished Mei to couple her own creative signature and artistic senses as well. Mei did not disappoint, but rather exceeded my expectations, of which, rarely are exceeded.

I would recommend Mei for her integrity, creative ideas, and value.”

The Craft Studio


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