Where and How My Business Started

Hand Crafted

Wonderfully Mei Designs didn’t start the way other small businesses started.

There wasn’t one “aha” moment, that drew me away to start on this epic adventure of entrepenurial-ism. There wasn’t a moment in a 9 – 5 job where I thought; “heck, I can’t work for anyone else, anymore!

I didn’t want to escape the 9-5 duldrum way of life, I didn’t all of a sudden think; “hey, being an entrepreneur is what I want to do!” (even though out of the process, this ability has definitely grown and I absolutely love it).

It grew from a time of brokenness, big change, and a need. Wonderfully Mei Designs became my therapy, my personal life coach, my best mentor, and my biggest cheerleader.


I had bombed out on my PGCE teaching training course, ending up feeling incredibly deflated, worn out, confused and battered and bruised (ego, that is!). I felt I had given so much, only to not have that much to walk away with. That year was the worst year in my entire life. I had never felt so under appreciated, undervalued and not seen.

I sort of “fell into” it … and it started just from painting. And somehow, other people had seen those and wanted to buy them. From there on out … it has been a slow and arduous journey of branching out into design, and branding, and even providing Virtual Assistant Services too.

In a way, Wonderfully Mei Designs has become my redemptive blessing. She has taught me how to see my own worth, my own value, and my own skills. That I am worth something, that I have much to give to the world, that I am seen from this tiny corner of the world.

Of course, God has taught me stuff on a deeper personal level too, bringing much healing … God is definitely in and through everything that I do and I wouldn’t be where I am or who I am without Him. Give praise where praise is due, right?

She has taught me to be bold once again, she has built up my confidence, she has equipped me to be able to deal with the many aspects of a creative business, and to be able to deal with the many different facets (Marketing, Promotion, Proposals, Designing & Creation, Illustrating … and the list goes on!)

Mei xxx


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