The Need for Feedback


Why you need to get people to look at your work!


It brings affirmation to ourselves as individuals, which is essential to how we see ourselves, and especially in the value we can bring

and the work that we do as an extension of ourselves. There is no point in creating things, and then for it to not be appreciated by anyone else. We as artists, creatives, designers (especially artists), can end up being incredibly isolated if we are not careful. We need ties to the outside world, that tell us we are appreciated for the parts of us that are put out there for others to


To get better at different aspects and elements of your work, whether that be the formation of it, the colours chosen, the techniques used or the processes enlisted. Quality is created, when we pay more attention to all aspects of what we do.


Keeping to a certain standard, quality of work as well as the same to be translated to customer service.


I believe in all of the above for Wonderfully Mei Designs, and indeed this is reflected in all of the feedback that I have received from all of the clients I have had!


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