The Importance of Colour

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And how it can enhance your business.

How we use colour and where we use colour is so important throughout our branding and the design materials that we create to form a part of that.

The above colours are the colours, forecast to be the ‘it‘ colours of this year!

So, if like me, you like to stay on-trend, then take a look at these lovely, bold and sometimes surprising colours!

My thoughts?

I have seen use of the colours; Rose Quartz and  Limpet Shell together and they make such a great colour combination. It looks lavish in fashion, and brings a subtle yet beautiful contrast that lends itself well, across branding and design. These two are probably my favourite of the collection.

Lilac Grey and Iced Coffee are muted but interesting colours, that would fuse the more subtle elements of a brand, with the other colours (Fiesta, Buttercup and Green Flash) of the forecast playing well, to bring out the more vibrant and bold side.



Colour Schemes can be created from imagery just as I have shown below;

Taking the key colours from an image or whatever you may come across, to inspire you.

Feel free to download these images for your own reference, and to help spark ideas and inspiration for your own design musings and creative endeavours!

The simplest of things can provide inspiration; photographs, clothes, interiors, anything goes really!

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Macaroon – Branding Sample


1 (3)
Flower Bouquet – Branding Sample

One response to “The Importance of Colour”

  1. The combination of rose quartz and serenity is so beautiful and peaceful! I agree that color can be used to our advantage to evoke certain emotions or communicate certain things about us.


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