How to: Create a Brand from Scratch

By Wonderfully Mei Designs

This post will give you a quick run-through of what it takes to create some amazing branding! From Mood Boards, to Colour Scheme and Typography …!



  • Inspiration

Inspiration can be found from anywhere; magazines, Pinterest, websites, leaflets, etc.
Colours, nuances, textures and other influences can be teased from various images to help invigorate, and feed into ideas for your own branding!




Choosing the RIGHT typography is important for your branding as a whole, as a large amount of website space is text-based.

Choosing the RIGHT colours is as important as choosing the right clothes for your wardrobe. You want them to be accurate, representative of who you are, and to denote the right tones and “flavours” of your brand aesthetic.

If you are interested in any of my  BRANDING services, YOU CAN FIND OUT MORE ABOUT IT HERE

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