Winter’s Palette

moodboard-pantone-fashion-color-report-2016-lush-meadow-18-5845Pantone Colour Report 2016 – Lush Meadow



This Winter’s Colour palette as suggested by Pantone is full of muted tones, with subtle nods to Autumnal shades.

Airy blue, Sharkskin, Aurora Red, Warm Taupe, Dusty Cedar, Lush Meadow, Spicy Mustard, Bodacious are the key colours featured in this colour line-up.

This variety of colours is an interesting mix, allowing for a mix of refreshing pastel like colours of the Airy Blue to more warm and intense colours like the Aurora Red and Lush Meadow. Bodacious is a delightful pop of pastel purple, standing out amongst the rest.

Depending on your branding elements and what kind of tone you want to strike, this collection of “alternative” colours will surely offer something different and unusual to your colour schemes and designs. Any combination of these colours would offer an interesting colour palette for you.

The following colour combinations below are some that I would personally find aesthetically pleasing;

Aurora Red, Dusty Cedar and Lush Meadow offers a lovely Autumnal colour combination.

Dusty Cedar, Warm Taupe, and Lush Meadow offers a subtle but lovely complementary colour palette.

Aurora Red, Dusty Cedar, and Spicy Mustard plays on the warmth of the rustic reds with the Spicy Yellow offering a bright pop to the colour palette.

Winter Colour, Pantone 2016           

The colour combinations go on, and on and if you need help with your own branding elements, colour schemes and aesthetics, do get in touch. I would absolutely love to help you figure those things out.


If you’d like to discuss branding elements or colour schemes, do get in touch;


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