Beautiful Colour Combinations



Taking account of the previous post about the Winter Trend colours; let’s have a look at some amazing colour combinations that we can incorporate into our designs (leaflets, postcards, business cards, etc.!), and our overall branding too! Whether your brand is within the realm of interior design, a personal blog or whether you are a jewellery maker!


Sharksin, Dusty Cedar, Warm Taupe  and Spicy Mustard offers a muted yet mellow colour palette with a dash of warmth and pop of colour with the Spicy Mustard.

This sort of colour scheme would sit well within a branding that seeks to reflect a feminine aesthetic with a slight twist. Interior design brands, personal blogs and design sites would suit this set of colours very well!


Aurora Red, Dusty Cedar and Spicy Mustard offer a rustic yet soft blend of earthy colours.

This colour scheme would perhaps fit well brands that emit a more earthy, and rustic tones, or perhaps those who reflect the “hipster” quality that is very on-trend these days.


Aurora Red, Dusty Cedar, Lush Meadow, Spicy Mustard offer a complementary yet varied mix of eclectic yet Autumnal range of tones.

This beautiful colour scheme pares opposite yet complementary colours together, and would fit well for a brand that looks to be a little different and who maybe wants to stand out amongst the rest.

Getting your branding right is absolutely essential for your business as a whole.

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