Unplug and Disconnect to Reconnect (Getting Centred Once Again)

Unplugging from social media and the world to reconnect with yourself, and your purpose.

Oftentimes we can be so connected with the internet, social media and other people that we can lose sight of our own purpose and place in the world, and even our own personal goals too. We can be so concerned with what others think, that we forget to chase our own goals and dreams.

Everything Happens for a Reason

An apt and reflective commentary on faith, goals and life. Riveting, engaging and vibrant. A guest blog post by Crixtover .U Edwin You see, whoever you are today, wherever you are today, and wherever you plan to be tomorrow, look closely at your faith and belief. They were responsible for getting you there.    Who knows,…

Monday – Setting Yourself Up for Success

It is best to start Monday with a clear plan of action and set your intentions for the weeks and perhaps the month ahead. There’s no point in muddling through the day, without a clear goal in mind. I think it is far too easy to just “make it up as you go”. Structure is…

Lead Page Design and Creating Mailing Lists

Creating Lead Pages (A short analysis) Here are a few snapshots of a lead page that I had the privilege to design for a coach. It was essential to capture the essence of the brand and coach’s vision, which was achieved through focused and targeted pieces of copy, and compelling imagery. I made sure to…

Brand Icons – Past, Present and Future

  So what is the thinking and inspiration behind this concept campaign?   I wanted to talk about brands, but people as brands in particular as we as entrepreneurs/solopreneurs are the strongest and most important aspect of our brand. We are the core, centre and face of the brand (however obvious or not so obvious)….