How to Write an About Page


When writing “About” pages, it is important to think about your structure, arrangement of the different sections of text, the context, and your audience.

What is your About page used for?

Your about page is used to give a little more information about your services and who you are. It’s a way for potential customers to see what your vision is for your brand, what your values are and the approach you have to work. Your voice should be evident through the text, in order for your customers to be able to connect with you before moving toward an actual consultation.


Think about the different sections you want to include, in the About section. Think about including things like the history of your business, blog, or venture. You could also include little interesting and significant aspects of yourself, i.e. favourite things to eat, favourite things to do, and favourite aspects of your work, etc. the list goes on. It really depends what you want to talk about and what you think would be interesting for your particular audience.

Audience and Context

Both of these elements tie into each other when writing copy. You are not just writing for yourself or just anybody. Writing copy is a concerted effort in picking out certain information, and cultivating it in such a way that it would appeal to a certain audience. It is important to write with a particular group of people in mind. With this, consider the language used and tone conveyed also.

There are more aspects to writing good copy and writing a stellar About page but these are just some 😉

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