How to Structure a Blog Post



A little snippet of text that leads well into the main bit of body of text. It should lead gently into the text, without being too much of a leap into the text.



Choosing the right imagery is absolutely essential in setting the right tone for your blog post. Go for something visually striking, and bright – something that would stand out in amongst the chunks of text. It should highlight and enhance the content that you have in your blog post. Talking about photography and lighting? Feature a striking visual that showcases just that.

SEO Keywords

One way to optimise a blog post and its’ searchability, is making use of SEO. Finding the right keywords to include in the blog post is essential to making sure it gets found, and the by the right people! Of course, this coupled with cross-posting and networking, as well as constant promotion, is crucial to getting your content out there 🙂


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