Clean Up Your Inbox with Wonderfully Mei Designs


E-mail Management Tips and some helpful tips for clearing up your inbox.

Keeping on top of your e-mail inbox can be near enough impossible, especially when you have 100s of e-mails flooding through and demanding your attention.

#1 Tip – Set time aside for checking your e-mails.

The best time for me is to check at the beginning, middle and the end of the day so you can catch those e-mails, especially the stragglers at the end of the day. You may prefer checking every hour or two. It really depends on the nature of your work (whatever works for you ;)).

Not everything has to be dealt with, all at once. Just keep those correspondences and conversations open so that the person on the other end knows you’re there and you can keep the flow. This applies to conversations with clients and with networking too.

#2 Tip – Use an online program like

This program helps with the unsubscribing process. If you are like me, and like to subscribe to a million and one website because of offers and promotions, and suchlike. You will definitely appreciate this amazing program.

Features include; being able to view all of your subscriptions in one place, and being able to unsubscribe from as many subscriptions as you want. Only problem is, deciding which ones to unsubscribe from!

Try the link here and download this online program. It will change your life, I promise!


#3 Tip – Keeping on Top of Your Inbox is Like Keeping On top of a Tidy Room/Wardrobe

Keep what needs to be kept and delete the rest! Nobody wants spam or e-mails from years ago, still clogging up their inbox. Don’t need that e-mail? Delete it! Sounds obvious but sometimes we need a reminder. And this is yours ;).

#4 Tip – Organise Your Inbox

The features of each e-mail host will vary from one to another. Definitely have a look at each e-mail host’s specific e-mail capabilities. There are often support pages and links to helpful pages that will direct you to great information on how you can best use your e-mail host.

Here’s a few from Gmail, that I make use of;


Select the e-mails you wish to label, and then click the label icon. You can create as many labels as you want, for example, consultation, project work, updates, subscriptions, etc. (whatever labels would help you organise your e-mails). This will help to filter the e-mails into different categories, then you can organise and attend to the e-mails accordingly!


You can also mark specific e-mail messages as important so that they will show more readily, as the top section of your inbox. By each e-mail is the tick box, star icon and priority icon (looks a lot like the label icon). You can select and deselect this on any of the e-mails as required.

Keyboard Shortcuts

Make use of keyboard shortcuts, which can help cut down time. There are shortcuts like delete and select all conversations.

For G-mail, try the following;

Multiple Access to different accounts

For me, I have two e-mail accounts that I have to keep on top of; one is more for personal  use and more for work.

That’s it for now! But feel free to e-mail me and ask for any advice, support or tips you may need.

E-mail management and client response is highly important to keep on top, and is essential to keep tidy as it is one of the main central points of access to your business. This is one of the many administrative services that I offer as part of my Virtual Assistant services! Check the details out here!


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