Scheduling and Meetings – Tools To Help Your Business Flow!


Meetings don’t just happen by themselves. They require forward thinking, a little bit of planning and securing a place to hold them.

Whether you need to host a group meeting, schedule consultations or weekly check-ins with your clients, there are many programs out there to help you get a little organised with your appointments and consultations. From Calendly to Zoom. Here are just a few to get you started!

Simple is best. I sometimes use Google Calendar  to set up and create appointments through this application. Both parties can be notified of the event prior to it happening.

Notable features include;

  • Scheduling appointments.
  • View your appointments and scheduled events on your calendar.
  • Sync these with app devices and phones so you can be notified of such events/appointments.
  • There is also a handy little task list, where you can keep track of things to do. I always use this for keeping track of people I have to e-mail or follow up on.

More info about G-mail’s features can be found here


For me, this is the simplest and easiest way for clients to book consultations with me.

No downloads are needed and you can access all of its’ features online, and in one place.

Features include the following;

  • Creating different and separate consultations (for different purposes). This is especially handy especially if you have different types of consultations for different reasons (i.e. Branding, Design, or just a general consultation).
  • Links can be added, where you can direct the user to another page for more information, or even to your own website.
  • Questions can be allocated to the process of a client signing up for a consultation.


Another way of scheduling time with clients is to use this online program.

Notable features include;

  • Calendars adjust according to timezone (very useful, especially if you are working with clients in many different countries).
  • You can keep track of all of your client appointments with an Appointment Calendar, where your appointments, dates, days and times are all shown on a visual schedule (especially helpful if you are particularly visual).
  • Ability to integrate into other applications too, such as MailchimpWordPress, Squarespace, Zapier, Stripe …


Works a little like Google Hangout and allows for just calls or video conferencing to take place.

  • You can either host a meeting or join an existing one.
  • All you have to do is download the software, sign in and then host or join an existing meeting.

So what do you use for scheduling and holding meetings? What are your go-tos?

Do you have any programs that you absolutely swear by?


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