Overwhelm and Strategies on How to Battle It


Overwhelm and burn out is a very common issue that we can face as business owners, entrepreneurs and coaches (and even people with regular jobs) because life is busy, demanding and often we can easily overload ourselves. I deal with anxiety and the feeling of overwhelm a lot of the time. I overthink, over-worry and over-spend myself sometimes.

When I get to that point of overwhelm, these are just some of the methods that I use to get myself grounded, balanced and at peace again.

  • Use mindfulness to help ground yourself mentally, physically and spiritually too. Meditation can be included as part of this.

Calm down. Take a knee. Root yourself in this present moment now. Sight, sound, smell. What do you feel?
~Kitai’s Father to Kitai. After Earth.

  • Take a step back, like a really good step back from your business and the work that you do. Release everything. And then come back to it, holding it loosely. If it helps, unplug from technology – sign out from e-mail accounts, social media, leave your phone at home and take a day out in the outdoors.
  • Try and make the extra effort to slow down  in every aspect of your life. Very often we feel like hamsters on the endless wheel of life. Breathe. Purposely take more time than you normally would to do tasks; wake up, make breakfast, make coffee, make lunch. I can’t say how many times I’ve felt that horrid sense of panic because I’m not giving myself enough time to do things and to just be. Panic ensues when we rush and force ourselves head of where we’re meant to be.
  • Do one thing at a time. Not only will you do every task properly, and with more quality – you won’t have to come back to it at a later date to check it, only to double – check it again.
  • Remember you don’t have control over everything, whether that is how people behave or the details of the situations you may be in. You do however have control over how you respond.

How do you respond to overwhelm?

What methods or approaches do you use?


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