How to Plan and Prepare for a Consultation

I did this spontaneously before an actual consultation I had. These are some things I did and have learnt that help me prepare for consultations. We all have our own different methods and approaches. These are my tips! 🙂


  • Be thoroughly prepared before the consultation and make sure to cover your bases; the client and their business, scope of the project, any packages you’d like to flag up, as well as any processes you have (how does working with you look like?), budget, payment, etc.
  • Be clear in your mind how you want to approach the consultation beforehand, and centre yourself as best as you can and in whatever way you find helpful.
  • Have prompts on-hand to help you during the consultation, just in case you forget what you need to say and/or forget your stream of thought.
  • To create synergy, get the client to talk about themselves and something simple like how their day was. Don’t be afraid to be informal and make light conversation.

How do you plan and prepare for upcoming consultations?

What are your favourite aspects of doing consultations?


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