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Creating content and filling your social media with relevant media is a continuously difficult and arduous process. Not only do you have to constantly think of fresh ideas, you’re looking for something visually impacting and relevant for your industry.

So, if you’re looking for great photography, typography to add interest to your text, or even icons to your apps, look no further.

From landscape to portraiture, to nature to animals. to food and fashion the following websites have you got you covered.


My go-to stock photography website. The highly visual interface makes it easy to both search and find the right photographs for your needs; whether that be sourcing fantastic branding photography for your website or for creating promotional graphics for your social media.


Shopify have a section dedicated to offering free stock photography. These photographs are entrepreneur specific so really, you don’t need to go anywhere else?! Thank you, Burst!

font image 2


Not a massive resource but these fonts are on-trend and are suitable for feminine, fresh brands! From handwritten styles to the more bold, to the sweet, this page has got you covered.

Not only does Desket have free fonts but they also feature free icons, photoshop layouts and even ebook layouts too!


Check out the following websites for some handy icons that you can use for various aspects of your interface, for website designers, interface and app designers too. Plenty of styles and plenty to choose from. Have a little look.

Minicons –

Flaticon – –

Free Soundtrack Music

Whether you are creating a quick introductory video or whether you are vlogging your “behind-the-scenes”, here are some links to some awesome background music that you can include in your clips!

Some are royalty free, and others you have to purchase. There are some very high quality soundtracks, with lots of tracks to choose from, from different genres. Not only so, you can preview each track to see what they sound like before you download!


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