Sales Strategy and Tips for Securing that All Important Sale With Diahana Barnes


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Today’s guest post is a rather special one.

We have the wonderful, the wise, intelligent, Diahana Barnes.

Diahana is a full-time sales strategist and coach, seeking to help entrepreneurs increase sales and therefore business.

I’ve been there. I’ve struggled with finding clients. It’s a tough road at times, and tougher when it’s your only way of getting income. But no worry.

Let’s see what she’s got up her sleeves to help you get kick-started with getting more clients, the right way.


What is the most important aspect of making a sale?

The most important aspect of making a sale is building a relationship first.

People buy from people and it is you, your unique value and brand, that will make you stand out, draw others to you and build the know, like, trust, factor.

They want to get you know you and when you are genuine and authentic in building your relationships you’ll have even more sales.




What are the essentials for creating a pitch?

An elevator pitch/what I do statement (or sound byte about you) is a short statement that quickly tells people what you do in a way that they can easily understand and connect with. It is great for networking meetings, cocktail parties, or anytime you are online or out and about and someone asks you what you do.

A successful elevator pitch has two components:

Share a little bit about how you solve a problem using a scenario that your ideal client has.

Explain how what you do solves the problem

For example, Here’s mine:

You know how sometimes women business owners are great at jumping in and launching their businesses, they even get a few clients at first, but then they get stuck on how to get their next clients consistently?

I’m a Sales Strategist & Business Coach and I help entrepreneurial women align their sales and marketing efforts effortlessly so they can consistently get sales and a stream of clients for their business and stop stressing out about money or where their next clients will come from and have more fun in their business.


What are the sure fire methods/approaches to making a sale?

Follow up. Follow up. Follow up. Follow-up is what gets you your next client and sale.

More than 80% of sales are made AFTER the fifth attempt. But 90% of us will give up after just one follow up.  I promise you will get more clients and make more sales if you consistently keep in touch, continue to build the relationship and regularly check in and share.


Take a look at and DOWNLOAD your free take-away snippet below for the steps for securing those all important sales.


What was the turning point in your business? How would you describe it?

When my son turned 16. I had a big “ah ha” moment at that time. That’s when I decided it was time to leave the corporate world behind and build a full time coaching business.

My calling is to help entrepreneurial women find their authentic sales and marketing voice, by sharing all the tools, templates, secrets and systems that have helped me lead multi-million dollar sales teams and million-dollar email campaigns with women like you — women who are called to make a difference in the world but don’t have the luxury of a big team or company for support and encouragement.




What is a quote to live by?

“If your actions inspire others to dream more, learn more, do more and become more, you are a leader.”

~John Quincy Adams


What is your favourite thing to do on a day off?

Hang out with my family, read, relax with friends and going wine tasting and travel are several of my favourites.



What tips did you find most helpful?

What do you do to make those all important sales?



Fancy collaborating on a guest post and talking about your expertise?
Feel free to contact me with your ideas and chat to me about it 🙂



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