Back to Work


Switching off is easy.

Switching back on is very difficult.

I don’t know about you but after being sick or being on holiday for a few weeks, it’s definitely hard for me to get back into the swing of things and back to my usual work schedule.

Naturally, our bodies and our minds have been so used to relaxing and not really thinking about much other than where we can next eat at, or what we will be seeing that day.

But in business, we need our brains sharp, focused and most definitely switched on. So, let’s talk about what we can do to help us get back into work.

I actually went to London, Paris and Rome with a week afterward to take my friends sightseeing around the local area.


So, how can we make it easier to get back to work?

Here are some suggestions …

  • Stick to the schedule you have in place for work. Routine and schedules are important to keep your productivity levels high, and once you find your pace, you’ll be flying.
  • Take it easy. It can be jarring to jump straight into work without preparation, especially if work is very demanding and there is a whole lot that you normally are used to overseeing. Give yourself time if you’re finding it difficult to “hit the ground running” and give yourself grace.

  • Have coffee or tea to jump start your day and give you that caffeine fix that you need! For me, a latte is just the thing I need to get me off to a good start.
  • Have a list of tasks ready for you to tackle, so that once you get back you have some things that can be tackled from the get-go.
  • Do some brain training or exercises that will help your brain warm up (Sudoku, word puzzles, etc.)
  • Make sure to maintain balance. Although it is good to hit the ground running, remember to keep breaks and make sure to schedule fun stuff too!

Have you got any tips and advice for anyone who has been sick, been away on vacation and finding it hard to get back into work?


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