Breaking the Routine

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Ever feel like you’re stuck in a rut?


Routine is good, no, in fact great when it comes to instilling some order and organisation into your business. But sometimes you need to mix things up, shake things up, hit the refresh button and get things restarted and rejuvenated.

Things can end up becoming stagnant, very fast, and that’s no good – especially if you’re in the creative industry and are needing to create on a daily basis!


Ever feel like you need to mix things up in your business routine?





Here are some ideas and prompts to help shake things up;


  • Choose a different working environment then the one you usually find yourself in.
  • Go for a walk and then stop off at a bench, write some reflections and keep note of them in a notebook.
  • Go to a coffee shop to work on your computer.
  • Go to a pub or local bar, borrow their wi-fi and have a working lunch.
  • Do something creative in between projects to help inject some creativity into your workflow (i.e. painting, writing, photography, etc.).
  • Have some creative accountability partners to bounce ideas off of, spark creative conversations, talk about what you are working on and what things you are liking at the moment.

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