How to: Create Dynamic Content


Creating dynamic content is key to creating and cultivating an audience who will be at your beck and call. Content should be dynamic, it should be eye-catching, it should be eye-popping and draw the eye to all of the right places. Like a well designed, well fitted dress.


 Creating Content

  • Use iconic and instantly recognisable imagery to grab attention.

  • Be relevant (Obscure is okay but it’s easier to go with images, icons, and layouts that people already recognise/know.)

  • Use mysterious and compelling language for your captions. Offer practical advice, use inspirational quotes or a story if that is relevant to your audience. It can be short or it can be longer.

  • Use engaging words and language that is in-keeping with your overall brand tone and “voice”.

  • And remember to keep Layout Simple (Present your images and text in an easy to read format. Don’t use too many emojis or symbols – they can be distracting.)

I could go on.


Where else could we grab inspiration from?

  • There are so many websites that we can go and look at. Resource websites (like Creative Market), photography websites like Unsplash, other people’s websites, take a look at your Instagram feed, and even Twitter too. The internet has a whole wealth of resources, inspiration points and imaginative posts!
  • Art galleries, museums, local architecture, and even in nature. Shapes, colours, textures and nuances can be observed just almost everywhere. Artists and their pieces can offer profound artistic experiences and interaction.


How can we go about planning our content?

  • Use post-its, notepads and digital list apps to help note down ideas (who knows when they will come?).
  • Use Asana for making detailed lists of content that you want to include, as well as where you can get ideas for your content from.
  • If you are a visual planner, use visual aids to help you plan out content for your various social media channels (i.e. Facebook – write and draw out in a sketch book your content and see how it would appear and appeal to your audience, use a grid to have a bird’s-eye view of your Instagram).

I like to keep my captions, succint, short and sweet and thought-provoking, and sometimes with a relevant call-to-action. The idea of using Instagram is to keep your potential audience interested and to check out your website too. The more traffic to your website the better! Some captions are longer and form more of a narrative, which works well for some brands as it adds a lot of interest to the post.

So those are my quick, go-to tips for creating dynamic content. Have content that you need help with creating? I’d love to help you plan and create some beautiful and engaging content for your website and social media!

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