Will Ng on How to Utilise Facebook as a Social Media Marketing Tool

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I had the absolute privilege to be able to interview and include Will Ng’s expertise, knowledge and finesse on social media marketing, in particular Facebook.

What advice do you have for someone beginning with Facebook Marketing?


I always ask them this question.

“What is your Goal?”

If you don’t know what the goal is – you’re not ready to do FB marketing or run ads yet.

You need to know the goal – otherwise, it’s like hopping into a cab and saying “I don’t care where I end up…” – but then still being bummed you ended up on some random street.


Clarify the goal FIRST.

Below are some common goals I find businesses asking for:

  • Increase email list

  • Drive website traffic

  • Sales and leads

  • Grow following

  • Engage following


What essentials do we have to have in place in order to get started with Facebook?


Hire a good Facebook marketer! Haha. Otherwise, prepare to spend some time to learn all the ins and outs of FB marketing.

Join a couple FB groups where they teach FB stuff and/or invest in a few FB coaches/courses to cut down your learning time.

Trust me, this will help a lot.



What is essential to have in a Facebook plan?


  1. Select your posts more carefully

The strategy now is to extract as many engagements out of every post as much as possible. It’s quality over quantity now on Facebook. Make sure you’re putting relevant and interesting contents in front of your target audience.

A simple trick to get your fans to engage can be as simple as adding a reminder to “Like and share” at the end of your posts.

2. Videos

In case you haven’t noticed, videos are the future of content consumption. People are more willing to engage with videos because it’s an easy way to consume information. Videos are the new TV.

Videos with captions are a good way to entertain people during office hours or on the train without an earpiece.

3. Facebook Live

For individuals/companies into personal branding, Facebook Live is the best thing currently. People seem to be more attracted to live broadcasting and this can be a good way to brand yourself!

4. Treat Facebook like a PPP

PPP stands for pay-to-play platform. I’m not talking about fan pages that have been diligently building up your audience slowly for a couple years already.

I’m referring to fan pages who’re new to the Facebook game and want to see results quick.

Use FB ads to get your targeting right. Once you’ve built an audience of relevant fans, focus on advertising the content assets you’ve created — blog posts, e-books, lead magnets etc.

What’s your favourite social media and why?

Can you make a guess? Hahaha. Definitely Facebook and Instagram is a close second.

There are 2 billion people on FB, which means there’s so much potential for both consumers and marketers. Plus, I’m biased because I use Facebook for a living!

Instagram is incredibly simple to use with its photos and videos only format, it makes for a great time killer. It’s also an easy way for me to know what my friends and favourite brands are up to.



Will Ng

Will is dedicated to helping businesses maximise their marketing presence on social media. Right now, he’s focusing on helping businesses generate more followers, traffic, sales & leads using Facebook Ads. He is the Co-founder of Next Agenda.

Some details about your social media contacts and where people can find information about you and your business.

You can find him at the following links;



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