Brand Icons – Past, Present and Future


1 Jared Leto


So what is the thinking and inspiration behind this concept campaign?


I wanted to talk about brands, but people as brands in particular as we as entrepreneurs/solopreneurs are the strongest and most important aspect of our brand.

We are the core, centre and face of the brand (however obvious or not so obvious).

Richard Branson is the face, person and owner behind Virgin, a multi-conglomerate brand that covers things from trains, holidays. When you mention Richard Branson, it is absolutely synonymous with Virgin as a brand. You can’t get away from that.

So far, we’ve looked at Jared Leto the rock God singer/actor, J.K. Rowling the legendary author and writer behind the Harry Potter franchise and finally David Bowie, the iconic pop star of the 80s.


Why did I choose these amongst the other brand icons I am going to feature?


Because they have/are/going to create a long-lasting brand, which is the most important thing to think about when creating a brand. You don’t just want a one-hit-wonder, gimmicky brand that just draws on the trends of the moment, and just fail and go bust just like that because you haven’t thought about the long-term. Legendary brands take consideration, lots of planning, envisioning and building from the ground up, in many different aspects (from how you handle customer service to the aesthetics of your website, social media, etc.).

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2 J.K. Rowling

3 David Bowie


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