Monday – Setting Yourself Up for Success


It is best to start Monday with a clear plan of action and set your intentions for the weeks and perhaps the month ahead.

There’s no point in muddling through the day, without a clear goal in mind. I think it is far too easy to just “make it up as you go”.

Structure is good, intention is better.

I myself, have a loose structure of what I do on each day; i.e. Monday, envisioning, planning and strategising for the week ahead, follow-ups, Tuesday – Projects … and the rest of the week is spent tackling website updates and client stuff, but of course, with each day, things can change and so I always try to remain flexible.

I also find that setting time aside on Sunday to write a to-do list (or adding to it and making notes) on a Sunday evening. helps me get my head into a gear again, especially if I’ve totally switched off. I find it so difficult to get into work mode again, after switching off for the weekend. Isn’t that always the way? There’s never enough weekend days 😉

Take-away Prompts and Advice

  • Start the day off with the right intention and right vibe, i.e. meditate, pray and get into a good headspace before tackling your work. There’s no point in trying to do work when you feel “less than”, “demotivated” or “icky”. Get rid of all that icky stuff first and then proceed to greatness!

  • Create a structure and way of working, that works for you. What’s your flow?

  • Do the tasks that take priority over the others; top priority client projects, social media scheduling … and then work your way down the list.



What’s the best way for you to start the day and wake up? When is the best time to wake up?

Is your desk tidy?

What are the most important tasks to get ticked off on your list?

Who do you need to follow up on?

Have you checked your e-mails, and cleared them up?

What have you planned for your meal and exercise today?

How can you integrate self-care into your day today?

These are a bunch of things you can start to think about on a Monday, which will help set you up for the day, and in effect, the week.

What's the best way for you to start the day and wake up_Is your desk tidy_What are the most important tasks to get ticked off on your list_Who do you need to follow up on_Have you check

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