Everything Happens for a Reason


An apt and reflective commentary on faith, goals and life. Riveting, engaging and vibrant.

A guest blog post by Crixtover .U Edwin

You see, whoever you are today, wherever you are today, and wherever you plan to be tomorrow, look closely at your faith and belief. They were responsible for getting you there.

   Who knows, Flip Wilson might have been born with a silver spoon into a rich family, and die before he ever inherited any success. That’s life.

There are many people today who are unhappy and depressed, and are just not getting anywhere with themselves with conditions in life simply because they dwell and blame upon the contingencies of yesterday, over the new dawn of today. You do not need to be the way you are, where you are, or whatever you are in a state of stagnancy. After all, the Bible says your beliefs will set you free. In a simple manner that statement deserves some credits, and a potential key of such credits being applied is dependent on your faith and positivity towards a possible outcome in mind.

Life is always better lived with a smile on your face, hope in your heart, and faith in yourself, any other objection in relation to this principle is likely based on a sense of improper and habitual disbelief in oneself.

Don’t expect life to treat you fair and sweet always, you are a unique human being and God created you for a reason, He formed you in a perfect image, looked at you, examined your qualities, and became certain that He has done a good job, and said to Himself :” Very good.” So therefore if you are not where you want to be in life as of today, then it is certain your mission on earth isn’t completed yet. If you are reading this book, and you still have doubts about God’s plan for you, why do you think you are still alive?


It’s because you are still under construction and God isn’t finished with you yet. Your complains, your drama, your victim mentality, your blaming and all of your excuses have never gotten you even a single step closer towards your goals or dreams. Let go of your no nonsense, let go of your fear and resentment, let go of the delusion that you DESERVE better and go out there and earn it. You cannot approach or seek success without a manifesto.


You might ask, what is a manifesto?


The Oxford English Dictionary defines a manifesto as a public declaration of policy. Well, in relation to a core purpose signifying a need for growth and success, faith and positivity is the currency required for buying the services of God.

Of course, you might already have a manifesto, and a policy with a plan for where and what you want to be and become in life respectively. But, I tell you, you won’t go far in life without faith and positivity. If you don’t decide with faith what is beneficial in your life, sooner or later someone else will decide your destiny and you would live by their terms if you aren’t careful. That’s a fact. Besides, what you commit yourself to be will change you from what you are today into what you can become tomorrowprovided you have faith.


   Your decision is directly proportional to your faith in life.


‘Everything happens by coincidence’ you might say. Forget it!

How often have you gone through a situation in life and later realize that it was necessary?

If you haven’t sustained this or walked through that, you wouldn’t be ready for the blessings you are enjoying now.


Jesus said, “The stone which the builders rejected…is become the head of the corner; this is the Lord’s doing, and it is marvelous in our eyes (Matthew 21:42)

The mistakes of today orchestrates into the success of tomorrow and the abundance of the future. Why would God tell you to do something so radical and expect results? Simply because “He careth for you”

It’s hard to watch somebody you love twisting in pain because of something they shouldn’t be carrying to begin with. God in His infinite mercy has no problem in making the thing leave you alone. His main concern and focus is in getting you to loosen your grip on it!

Loosen your grip off fear, worry, resentment, negativity and a sense of disbelief, for you don’t expect to discover your destiny, when your thoughts patterns are negative. Religion teaches that there is a tremendous power in the universe and that this power can dwell in personality. It’s a power that can blast out all defeat and lift a person above all difficult situation.

   You don’t belief in religion? Or in the existence of a Higher Power?

Well, human experience is a teacher, in its own way, and it virtually indicates continual presence and availability of a life renewing reasoning beyond but resident within us. Your problem might not be poverty, alcoholism, or fear of the unknown, but the fact that you are alive today proves that your time on earth still requires a purpose.

Think about it this way; why do you think in life when you get to the highest level, your status changes?

“Practically because you went to school to get the required degree” you might say. That’s not a fact if you ask me.

Think again! Our God Almighty we serve is referred to as His Royal Majesty, in politics when you get to the highest level (PRESIDENCY) – you are referred to as His Excellency, in law – you are referred to as His Lordship, in traditional ruler – you are referred to as His Royal Highness, in Orthodox (practically Catholic) – you are referred to as His Holiness, in protestant – you are referred to as His Eminence, in the Bible – Sarah referred to her husband Abraham as My Lord.


    Can you now pinpoint any status that was changed due to a sense of negative attitude?


Well that serves as a point to ponder that everything that happens in life is for a reason, and coincidence is just a rather convincing theory formulated by man.

Listen! If you live your life with a mental reasoning that you would come across success by coincidence, and by mistake you die in the process of such thought, not that your influence would not be remembered with a change of status, but all men of all walks of life would consider you as – HISTORY.

I believe that wouldn’t be your portion and bargain in life. To get from where you are now, to where you are going, you have to be willing to be a hopeful foundation of positive reasoning in between. Let me emphasize again, “If you are thinking defeat, change your thoughts at once”, for the fact that you were born into a difficult situation coincidentally, doesn’t mean that God doesn’t have a reason and plan for you.

Don’t fear situations so much that you practically refuse to try faith and motivate yourself by looking up in God for positive decisions. The saddest summary of life contains four descriptions, “I could have, might have, should have, and wish I had.”

When a baby is born, it is not dormant throughout its life cycle at the breast sucking stage forever, it sits, then it crawls, then it walks, then it runs, and finally joins the elite group of men who aim for a dream. That’s how life is, it has a genesis, but the day you let negativity determine the course of your life, an expiry date is stamped on your certificate of growth and progress.

    A detailed survey was carried out on Dubai, and it was observed that it was one of the profound countries rich in crude oil, but it was soon realised that its oil sector would practically dry up in 2016.


What happened next?


Through positive thinking it accumulated its revenue in total and converted the entire country into a magnificent tourist centre. Today, it’s one of the richest countries in the world and its income every year in tourist visitation alone can practically be compared to that of its income in crude oil some years ago with a slight range. WHY?

All simply because of a plan, and faith in that plan. Practically I have a 100% belief that if Dubai crude oil hadn’t dried up, the dream of turning the country into a tourist center might never have come into play. This is a practical demonstration of coincidence and reason.

Listen! Sometimes we create our own heartbreaks through expectations and thoughts that have no profound background. Free yourself from the slavery of undesirable thoughts, habits, and actions, and inoculate faith, hope and belief in God to help seek and acquire the true riches of life by fulfilling desires that don’t violate the laws of God, or the rights of your fellow men.

Abraham Lincoln developed the habit of trying to learn from the books he read, the individuals he met on a daily basis and on casual events. These gave him practical ideas for reflection, and thus he was able to relocate, correlate, distinguish, assimilate, differentiate and utilize the ideas he acquired as his own towards his own advantage.

You too can convert your creative thinking, artistic talent, knowledge, personality, and physical energy into success, wealth, health and happiness. This book doesn’t tell you how, it motivates you to take a leap of faith and basically try, simply because the tremendous truth related in this chapter and throughout the entire book is practically based on the fact that there is no problem, difficulty, or defeat that you cannot solve or overcome by faith, positive thinking, and belief in God.

I once asked my father some years ago, when he was diagnosed of stroke and he never for once felt sober about it;

“How is it that you cope through this predicament you find yourself in today?”  I said

“It all lies in how you think about your problems”, he replied.

“Yes, I know that is true in relation to thinking positive, but I am certain you must have a simple personal technique, and I would be interested in having it”, I said.

He smiled and looked at me with profound gratitude in my inquisitiveness. Then he said. First “I attack a problem with faith in my mind, hope in my heart, and belief in God, for I never stop believing in hope because miracles happen every day.”

Second, I pray about it most sincerely in this way; “Heavenly Father, lately I have been so worried about things that are out of my control, help me to trust that you are working every little detail of my life out, and that I have nothing to fear or worry about in Jesus name, Amen.”

Third, I ask myself “what is the right mental attitude to inoculate at this point?” for he said, “Your thoughts either makes you or destroy you”, and nothing will be right if it is wrong. Nothing that is wrong will ever come out right.

Fourth, “I commit myself unto the Lord, and affirm that whatever his decisions for the course of my life would be, I would gladly accept it with a positive state of mind.”

Fifth, “I put all the mental power I have upon it and accumulate my mind with inflow of creative thoughts knowing that with time, growth would evolve and it would remake me.” But let me warn you again, he concluded, “a hunter doesn’t go to a jungle in the quest of killing a lion with a catapult, but instead with a gun for he knows what lies ahead of him.”

Listen! That’s an African proverb and if I were to translate, it simply means “if you’re thinking life would treat you fair because you are innocent, think again positively for you cannot live long enough to make all the mistakes in life.”

After that conversation with my dad years ago, I finally realized that his summary of taking a situation was practically based on the law of personal victory. I decided to apply it thereafter to my own problems and wherever I have done so, I can confidently tell you a marvelous result was the final outcome. On the contrary, wherever I have failed to do so, I have missed great results.

It is as simple as this – don’t wait for perfect timing, instead put your problems in God’s hand and in your thoughts rise above the problem with an absolute proportion of faith so that you can look down upon it, not up at it. Be consistent in faith according to God’s will, and do not try to get success from something that is negative and wrong. You can never get a right result from an error, just like you can’t get a correct answer in Mathematics by assumption. If your thinking pattern is wrong, it is definitely wrong and not right, and can never be right unless you choose to change it from wrong to right. You can’t hail success based on principles of coincidence, but you sure can praise success on foundations of proper reasoning, plan and faith. If your decision is wrong from the onset, it is bound to be wrong in the result.

     Therefore, be sure and certain your aim is right, then positively hold it up to God’s name and visualize progress. Abide by the idea of faith, of hope, of prosperity, of achievement, and of believe firmly fixed in your mind. Should a negative thought of defeat come into your mind in form of fear, negative belief, or peer pressure, expel it at once by increasing your faith with positive affirmations. Never be an entertainer of a failure thought.

Achievement comes with strategized planning and a core focus on a result. The mental vision which you create and firmly hold in consciousness will be actualized in reality if you continually and positively affirm it in your thoughts daily, and if you continually work towards it diligently and practice it effectively.

Life works in a mysterious way, but its up to you as a human, with a purpose, with a goal, and focus aimed at achieving a reasonable point in life to realize that life is lived on seasons and everything happens for a reason.

So be calm, be productive, and go out there and kick ass. Its your life, its your own, its left for you to either take action or make the move TODAY.

Crixtover .U Edwin is a young entrepreneur , animal canvas artist,  graphic designer and a motivational writer. I enjoy writing motivational and inspirational contexts in relation to human behaviour and how to face your fears and become a master of your life via implementing positive thoughts and actions in your daily life.



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