Unplug Series: Planning for the New Year

New Year's


We are nearing to the end of January and we’ve had a month to start on projects, get things ticked off and tackle the goals and plans we’ve had on our minds.


What things are lighting up your list?
What have you burnt through, this year?
What would you change?


Our business and life statements dictate how we will pan out the New Year.


So, are they still aligned?


Things can change from year to year, from our focus, to our vision to our audience.

We have to review where things are, where are focuses lie, and what we want to aim for.




What are the statements for your business?

What is your manifesto? What is your vision statement? Do they still line up?




Cheers to a fantastic 2018 and a great year to come!


If you want to book a clarity end of year, envisioning call with me (for only $65 for an hour of my time), you can do so here, and we can bring some focus, create some plans and help you align yourself again. Let’s beast this.

Within the call, we will discuss all aspects of your business, from your vision to your goals, to where you want to see movement … Let’s see where we can inspire growth.



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