Unplug Series (Getting Centred Once Again): Interviews Part I



As part of the Unplug series, I wanted to interview some people in business who are on different spectrums of being plugged into the internet and social media, and its’ affects on our well-being and overall life. Is it positive or negative?




Does it help with productivity and life flow?

What does that look like? How does it benefit their life?


I spoke to some entrepreneurs and asked them about the benefits of unplugging from social media, and what that looked like for them. Whether positive or negative, I had some interesting yet varied responses …



You can only fix you, and you sure can’t pour from an empty glass. 


Lindsey, Blkwtrdesign.com
So, you are someone that has gone for periods of time without social media. When you’ve done this, how does has it helped with productivity and life flow? 

Going without social media for periods of time helps me recenter, and refocus on my priorities. It’s helped me gain some headspace, and some “breathing room” without the constant pinging of social media notifications.

What positive effects have you seen on your general well-being, mental capacity and productivity in your business (if you have one) and your personal life?

As someone who has worked through anxiety and depression, I can confidently say that I feel so much more myself when I’m not overwhelmed with social media. The constant stream of news about a shooting here, and a terrorist attack there is a lot for anyone, and with anxiety and depression at a historical all time high, I’m willing to bet that social media, and the immediate availability of these awful news events has something to do with it. After deleting my news apps on my phone, and choosing to rarely watch the news, I feel lighter, and find it easier to connect more with those in my immediate circle. Not only that, but accomplishing so much more in business has been another result of being less connected. Being able to focus on my own obstacles, goals, and to-do list helps me get so much more done in a day.

(*NOTE: I hope this doesn’t make me seem heartless, I often worry about this, however, it’s the only way I can be functional, without being constantly heartbroken for every awful situations I see in the news).

Why did you/do you feel the need to unplug? What prompted this for you?

I felt the need to unplug more often, especially after going on camping trips in the ADK wildnerness. The lack of service up there forces you into a state of disconnect and allows you to reconnect with yourself, God and nature. It’s always an amazing feeling driving back home; feeling light, refreshed, and energised, after spending time in nature. There is nothing like spending a week in His creation.

Would you suggest doing this for anyone else?

Absolutely 100%! If you’re ever feeling down and out for any reason, take a trip somewhere with no service, go for a couple hikes, and eat whole foods. Focus on your wellness for once instead of worrying about the rest of humanity. You can only fix you, and you sure can’t pour from an empty glass.



What does it look like for me?

colour profile


I am in the middle. I help that it helps to stay connected to social media, in order to get my name out there, as well as being able to connect to many other entrepreneurs out there who may need my services. Social media helps with my work.

I also use it to help me stay connected to friends, although I started to make the effort to connect with people offline, in a more organic and fruitful way. My friendships are more connected, deeper, and deeper than they usually were or have been. Making the effort to create friendships, fully, offline has been a lot more rewarding. I even try to stay off my phone during social situations.


Please check out next week’s feature blog post, where I will be interviewing more people for the Unplug Series.



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