Unplug Series (Getting Centred Once Again): Interviews Part II



As part of the Unplug series, I wanted to interview some people in business who are on different spectrums of being plugged into the internet and social media, and its’ affects on our well-being and overall life. Is it positive or negative?




Does it help with productivity and life flow?

What does that look like? How does it benefit their life?


I spoke to some entrepreneurs and asked them about the benefits of unplugging from social media, and what that looked like for them. Whether positive or negative, I had some interesting yet varied responses …


photo-1463584954611-9d8ebd80dfd2 ocean2

I’m more present and aware in every moment.

Tessa, Strategic Planning Advisor, The Palmerton Group
When you’ve  gone for periods of time without social media, has it helped with productivity and life flow? 

Whenever I take breaks from social media, I feel like I have extra white space and margin in my life.

What positive effects have you seen on your general well-being, mental capacity and productivity in your business (if you have one) and your personal life? 

The benefits are that I am able to spend my time on what truly matters – whether that be my work or time with loved ones. I’m more present and aware in every moment. Precious time isn’t wasted scrolling through newsfeeds, instead I am using that time to work, practice yoga, meditate, or give those I’m with, my undivided attention.

Why did you/do you feel the need to unplug? What prompted this for you?
Would you suggest doing this for anyone else?
I recommend everyone to unplug, often. Honestly I just get tired of the “noise”  that is a constant. Most of my unplugging is for personal reasons but as a business owner who recently “discovered” the online space it can be hindering. It can cause issues with comparison syndrome that I never had. A feeling of being left behind, missing out, etc., Typically when I start to feel overwhelmed and notice the time I’m spending online that’s when I know its time to unplug. So I started by simply deactivating my social accounts every now and then. Or I’ll take social apps off my phone so I’m not prompted to be on and instead sign in from desktop. I’m off my phone by 9 pm so I can allow myself to wind down. I also decrease the newsletters I subscribe to and even people I follow online. In every small way, it helps me.

What does it look like for me?

colour profile


I am in the middle. I help that it helps to stay connected to social media, in order to get my name out there, as well as being able to connect to many other entrepreneurs out there who may need my services. Social media helps with my work.

I also use it to help me stay connected to friends, although I started to make the effort to connect with people offline, in a more organic and fruitful way. My friendships are more connected, deeper, and deeper than they usually were or have been. Making the effort to create friendships, fully, offline has been a lot more rewarding. I even try to stay off my phone during social situations.


Unplugging from social media and the internet can be important for looking after your well-being. Depending on what type of temperament and personality you have …

Do check out the last in the Interviews of the Unplug series, next week!



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