When Time is Not Your Own – How to Claim it Back



Being a business owner, your time can feel like it belongs to everyone else. This is what can happen when your boundaries have been broken down and you’re trying to please everybody else but yourself, and you aren’t doing things that are in-line with your business. You don’t have to fill a quota. Go for the projects that resonate with you. Go for the projects that enable you to work with clientele that respect you, pay you and value your work.


Time to reclaim your time.


It’s okay to say no …

  • To people who waste your time.
  • To clients who don’t fulfil your ideal client profile.
  • To projects that don’t’ necessarily light you up or are in-line with your overall business vision.


It’s good to …

  • Allocate time slots within each day, and allocate days to certain tasks, to make full use of your days and week. Organisation is key.
  • Set a timer for certain tasks, to enable focus on a certain thing you may need to get going. This could be helpful especially for getting something done that you have been procrastinating on or something that needs to be done for a deadline.
  • Have some “me” time, apart from the people that you are connected with (both personal and clientale). It’s important to invest into yourself. However you need to. Whether that’s playing music, creating or going for solitary walks.


It’s essential to …

  • Know your vision and recognise your goals.
    -> Can you measure these goals?
    How do you want to measure them?
    What are your monthly income goals?
    Are you wanting to sign up a certain number of clients? Get specific.
  • Set boundaries with existing clients in terms of payments, correspondence, etc. A lot of clients will demand your attention and demand you to respond to their enquiries straight away. You don’t need to.




What things do you need to do to reclaim your time?

What/who is currently draining you resources?

Do you need more “me” time?



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