Creativity as a Source of Wealth

Creativity is a source of inspiration, life and 

Let’s dig into it, and let’s re-find our inner wealth.




If we had a life without creativity, it would be a very dry, lifeless and dull world.
Imagine life in black and white. That’s what it would be like to live without the glorious technicolor of creativity. It would be monotonous, mechanical, robotic … entirely grey and boring. What’s the point in that? 

Instilling creativity into our lives, however big or small is important. Whether you go to an art gallery every so often or introduce creating, to small parts of your day (i.e. writing or sketching).

Creativity affecting change, and inspiration 

I believe that creativity can certainly shift and change people’s lives in small ways and big ways. It can help you connect with your inner emotions and your inner self. Help you connect with your deeper emotions, and express parts of yourself that you never knew you could express.


My Story

Previous to starting my business, I had a very dry and dull life – just working and moving through the work day, using Facebook as a buffer to get me through the day. There was no flow, no inspiration and certainly no energy to take me through the day. I wasn’t in-tune with my inner sense of creativity. I was too focused on work and really nothing else. Anybody else had that same issue?

I came to a halt, I found myself naturally spending hours a day painting and connecting with my spirit and with God. I started creating from this place of contentment and peace and tranquility (I was starting to create from a fountain of creativity) – somewhere, which had not been tapped into much before (or with much restraint and much restriction). Those times of creativity were such a blessing.

And now, I want to help others do the same. Because I know how it is to be dried up and to not know where my next inspiration is coming from


I know how difficult it is to balance the administration of business with the creative side.

I know struggles creatives have, with finding the freedom and space to create, within the confines of a business.


Talk to me. And let’s book a consultation and discuss how we can work together, and effect change within your life!





As part of my initiative to introduce more creativity and help bring balance to your life and business, I have the below channels which you can invest into. Whether you own a business or you are an individual struggling to get inspired and wanting to get back to creating.


Creativity in Business (1)


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