Choosing the Right VA for you

Each business is like a snowflake; unique in its’ shape, purpose and vision. Each business has it’s own set of requirements for each day, and each year.

There are many different Virtual Assistants out there, with processes and approaches. different skillsets, experiences.

You have to choose the right one for you, that will come alongside your business in the best way.


There are different types of Virtual Assistant; 

Project Manager

Content Creation/Graphic/Web Design and Development

Multi-purpose, all-in-one

Specialist in one area (i.e. e-mail marketing)

General (covering general admin and general business tasks)


Things to check with potential VAs;

  • What is their background and experience? What are they well used to doing?
  • Do they have any good referrals from previous clients/employers?
  • What is their particular skill-set and would they be able to handle the tasks that you need outsourcing?
  • Do they have the right sort of personality that you like and are able to work with? (I don’t think this is as important as the above, as most VAs I know are hardworking and highly skilled, which is the most important thing in my opinion …)



Hiring a Virtual Assistant E-Guide

Download the intensive guide to hiring a VA here

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