The Process of Reflection


Reflection is when you give something;

serious thought or consideration.

Which, I don’t think we do often enough because life and society demands us to live at 100mph. With no time to breathe or consider things carefully.

We do things, say things, often from a place of pressure and speed.

That is not helpful, especially within a business, when you need to make relatively big decisions. You can’t be making big decisions from a place of pressure and speed.

Take your time. Be wiser.

Life is demanding and we all have a lot of responsibilities and tasks to get ticked off throughout the day. There’s lots to process, get through, and tackle.

We need times of reflection, in order to process what has been and gone, in order to move forward with more clarity, and a firm foundation in our minds of what we want from our lives and businesses.

Do you do enough reflection?

Here are a few prompts for reflection;

  • Set some time aside in the day or week to reflect on what has gone on, what can be improved and what you have learned during the week. Set an hour or so aside to really think things through. Pick a day. Friday (or perhaps even Sunday) is perhaps the best, as it is the end of a typical working week and can help set things up for the week. This will really help you create a focus, figure out what has in fact gone right, what can be improved, and what can be tossed aside.

  • Keep a journal to help you reflect. Keep consistent with your reflections and keep the points of reflection consistent too.


Feel free to download the below pdf to help you journal, reflect and create more clarity!

Positivity and Reflection Journal (1)

CHECK out this video here, where I talk more about reflection …


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