Blind spots & Accountability


From working with many different individuals in different industries, there is one major thing that is apparent and that I have noticed. We need people to help us, to help keep us accountable within business. The struggle is real and the more help and support we can get, the better. I am a firm believer in teamwork and forming a great team, in order to help you go further than you are able to by just doing business alone. We aren’t always right and we aren’t always doing business the best way. There is always something to improve, whether that be processes, customer service, quality of work, etc. A team helps centre us, carry us and helps us to look at things from a different perspective, with wisdom and unbiased. And most importantly a great team can provide positive feedback and praise to help improve all the areas mentioned previously, which we all need every now and then.


So what does accountability look like?


Regular check in with team members or partners to discuss current processes, approaches and designs. For me, I consistently and constantly talk to my business partner and friends about various issues and topics, as and when they crop up. I love talking about my ideas and even if I don’t like talking about the issues that crop up, it helps me to vent, process and get a good outside perspective from someone who isn’t in the situation. If there’s one thing I have learnt, is that every single person who is in business needs space to vent and process. We deal with a lot, day-by-day, never mind the emotional burdens that we carry.


What does the right ”team” look like?


People who are in business too or perhaps the same or similar sort of industry as yourself.

Look for people who inspire you, encourage you and have success building their empire. They must be doing something right. Those with years of experience will have lots of knowledge and expertise to lend you.

I am part of a few different Facebook groups for entrepreneurs and freelancers. Often freelancers will air their experiences in a safe forum. There is a lot to be said for having a safe space to vent, as well as gaining some insight, advice and expertise from others who are pursuing the same sort of projects and work as you.

My business partner is AJ, who I have started a new sister site with (Golden Layouts) will often give me words of encouragement and support, as well as sage advice. It’s the little things that helps.

My boyfriend, who is not in business (but who has quite the business mind) helps me detach from situations, challenges me and pushes me to be more Christ-like within business situations, which can be very difficult sometimes.

Organiser planner


Do you have anyone to keep you accountable within business?

Do you have a team already?

Are there any gaps or anyone valuable that you can add to your existing team?


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