Marketing Bombs


I’ve spoken about this before on an Instagram Live before but if you want to make waves, and greater impact, you need to approach marketing from a larger scale.

Marketing is a multi-pronged approach


It works from the top-level envisioning, considering your audience, stats, research phase right down to the outreach and how each part of your client process represents your brand.

It is not just social media marketing, it is not just branding and it is not just perfect branding photos.

Good marketing enlists many different spheres and channels to create the largest reach possible.

Here are some easy to implement and reachable methods;

  1. Networking (in-person or online).
  2. Influencer outreach.
  3. Building programs and creating webinars (this perhaps is directed more at the digital service and coaching industry).
  4. Creating or revisiting your vision or brand’s purpose and voice. What is you why? And is that clear throughout your branding?

What makes good marketing?


It is a cohesive approach that targets with a purpose and strategy. Everything you do has to have the end goal, in mind, and ultimately, that is probably making more sales, and increasing income.

This, of course, can be done by utilising various strategies, channels, methods.


Want to know more?


Hop on a free consultation with me now, and let’s talk marketing!


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