It’s okay to take a break …


Being a workaholic, I don’t often give myself many days off.

I don’t often let myself switch off completely from work. I think about work often, and I’m always coming up with ideas and ways to move forward since I see my business as a living entity, which is ever evolving, growing and expanding.

BUT, I was disciplined, and intentional about giving myself a week off for Christmas AND a week off just this last week to go to Spain (albeit, I did check my work e-mail a couple of times and came up with some ideas but predominantly I prioritised switching off, exploring and enjoying my time abroad). For more pics of my time there, do check out my Instagram, where I post my behind the scenes pics 😉

This week in Barcelona was SO needed. Actually giving to myself through doing new things, eating good and seeing new things. Being a business owner, you often think about how you can serve your clientele better – you’re constantly giving, and giving so this week was much needed in giving back to myself so I could feel whole again and so I could get some mental rest.

Rest is essential to living a well-balanced life. If you’re constantly working without any let up, you’ll end up getting burned out.

So … use this blog post as a prompt to get some rest. Whether giving yourself a day to get some mental rest, go have a spa day, or go catch up with a friend over coffee!



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