Behind the Scenes of an Entrepreneur: A Quick Insight into the Life of a Virtual Assistant


Jasmine gives us a quick rundown into life as an entrepreneur, and specifically as a Virtual Assistant. She gives us a brief account of how entrepreneurship has affected her life and what areas it can affect. An insightful and helpful interview with an up and coming Virtual Assistant …

Should you make the leap into entrepreneurship?

What does it take?


Why did you become an entrepreneur/what made you want to pursue the entrepreneur life?/What was the most appealing thing about this lifestyle? 
I wanted the flexibility to spend more time with my family, financial freedom, and I want to leave a legacy for my kids! I also love helping people and I wanted to take the skillset I was good at and combine that with my experience to start my own business. I stumbled across the industry by doing LOTS of research! I didn’t even know that the VA world existed. I took my experience along with what I loved to do and figured the VA industry would be good for me. Here I am 2 years later.

What has been the toughest aspect of living the entrepreneur lifestyle?
The unknown of course. Clients not believing in me because of lack of VA experience in the actual industry. Also the fear of rejection that every proposal I put in would be denied.

What changes did you have to make personally, emotionally, physically to adapt to this particular lifestyle?
Quite a bit! One of the greatest challenges I have had to face is: I scaled the wrong way and lost a lot of money in the beginning. I grew so fast after a short few months and hired on subcontractors but I didn’t create and budget and I didn’t plan. 2018 I have used to rebuild my business form that catastrophe. There are a lot of emotions that have been poured into my Business and my family has even suffered in some parts.

What sacrifices have you had to make for the entrepreneur life?
I’ve left 2 jobs and have moved to 3 different cities with my family. Although it is online, the Business has definitely impacted my families decision making! My husband has also sacrificed to stay out and work allow me to pursue my dream.


What advice would you give to someone who was thinking about transitioning into the entrepreneur life?
Definitely, use a project management tool to get organized and network your butt off! Don’t try to reinvent the wheel and don’t be afraid to ask for suggestions or help.

What do you enjoy most about being an entrepreneur?
Spending more time with my family and being my own BOSS! There is nothing like creating your own stream of income and also creating jobs for other people and their families. 

A little more about Jasmine …

What entrepreneurs inspire you?
Definitely Oprah, Queen Latifah, Michelle Obama. Women of power definitely inspire me to keep pushing.

What is your go-to coffee?
I don’t drink coffee, but I love Hot Chocolate 🙂

What does your daily routine look like?
I take my kids to home daycare and I use 9-4 to work on my business and client work! I have consultation calls, projects, and all of the above going on in one typical day.

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