The Best and Worst Months of My Life – A Work in Progress


November, December and January were perhaps the best and worst months of my life. When you overthink, have negative thoughts about yourself and a negative outlook and mindset … it really stops you from moving forward, having any sort of clarity and keeping clear on your goals.

All of this started changing when I started meditating more, facing my “demons” and started digging into my mindset and changing things around. I started opening up to my boyfriend and closest friends more and using a therapy app to question what I was really thinking and why I was thinking about those things. I also started talking to Abbee (owner of SPLove Craft Theta Healing), who intuitively pinpointed issues during informal conversations. She was acutely and sensitively aware of what was going on when certain topics of conversation came up and helped me bust through some issues and therefore opened myself up to healing. When you face your inner thoughts and mindset without fear, you bring light to those things and can enable healing. Facing them head-on is half the battle. Half the battle to winning and to turning your mindset and your life around.

If you are constantly thinking; “things will always be the same”, guess what? It will always be the same. You will keep manifesting the same old things time and time again, the same crappy boyfriend, the same work situations, where you feel less than, the same old stuff …

But when you begin to start challenging those old thoughts, mindsets, and habits, you can effect change. You can create something new, you can manifest something different, a life that is abundant, positive and joyful.

I’m nowhere near clearing all of my issues … in fact, I am just getting started with it all but I’m making good headway. And that’s good enough for me.


It’s been a gruelling few months, but I’m clearing out the whirl of emotions, thoughts and mess that’s inside me, and hopefully that is manifesting into clarity, solidity and stability from now on. HUZZAH.


What have your last few months been like?

Same old, same old?

Or trials and tribulations?

How is your mental and emotional health holding up?

What do you need to change in your personal development to effect positive change on your business and wider personal life?



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