STOP! Pep talk time.


Here’s your pep talk for this week.
Three things you’ve got to have within a business …
Determination & Persistence
Nothing comes to those who don’t do anything. It takes years and years to perfect your own method of selling your services, marketing your services and keeping your clients happy. You’ve got to keep at it, even if you receive the answer “no” or “I can’t afford you”.

Knowing what you have to do and who you are marketing yourself toward is important. You’ve got to have your vision, knowing your client and your market as well as yourself and what you can offer. Focus and find those clients!

Whether that be the income goal or a number of clients or perhaps something more abstract like “making an impact within the industry”. It’s important to know what you are working toward. This gives you motivation, especially on those days where you forget and lose your focus and motivation.



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