Spring Clean

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Spring Clean

If you read the latest newsletter, you will know that I am doing a whole bunch of spring cleaning, and I am not just talking about my wardrobe, room and food cupboard!

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Mindset, body, spirit and soul have all had a thorough spring clean. And for the better – for both my personal and business life …

Therapy …

Whether that is talking things out with your friends and getting better perspective or using mindfulness and meditation, to using art as a way to connect with yourself. I thoroughly recommend therapy in all of its’ forms.

Fasting …

I inadvertently fasted, with a focus on God. This actually really helped to centre myself again.

It’s easy to focus on the negatives …

Watch the video below to see what prompts and info I can give about finding focus and finding a positive perspective.



In what other ways are there to spring clean your mind, body soul and spirit?

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