I’m just like a computer


I can switch my computer off to let it cool, breathe and to not work it so hard.

I can switch myself off to, to do the very same thing. To let my mind cool, breathe and not work so hard.

Last week, I gave myself a very, rare couple of days off, pigged, did very limited things, just lay in bed all day and watched youtube and movies. I pretty much vegetated for those days. I let myself daydream, wonder and let my brain turn to mush for a bit. Like I said, it is very rare for me to do that since I am constantly working or thinking about work. It was much needed though, and I didn’t realise just how much I needed it until I was completely switched off, and the days that followed … well, I had so much more clarity and renewed focus.

I also journalled, updated my mood board and did an emotional well-being and mental health check-in (challenged thoughts that arose and checked in with my emotions)

It is really such a good idea to switch off every once a while. Being an entrepreneur/writer, I feel like my brain is always on. I’m always thinking, always coming up with ideas, and my brain is always whirring. It can be detrimental to your health because I caught myself beginning to spin out, lose my patience and get super irritable. All signs of getting totally, mentally burnt out.

Not good.

We often let ourselves get to the point of breakdown before we do something about it.

So why don’t we keep awareness of our mental and emotional state, high, so that we can recognise and see when we do need mental or physical rest or even both.

Why don’t we take better care of ourselves?

Why don’t we switch off every now and then. Give ourselves a mini reboot. A little refresher. Get unplugged and focus on our well-being and self.



Why don’t you check out next week’s blog post, which will be centred around well-being, the signs of burn out and what you can do about it …

photo-1475551916865-b288ba757973you can do about it!


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