How to Prevent Burn Out


So I mentioned previously about how I managed to catch myself from experiencing burn out and having a break down. It’s happened a few times before and then I realised I had to do something about it.

This can come from not looking after your well-being and not being attuned to what you and your body needs. Of course, self-care and looking after your well-being looks different for everybody because everybody is unique and we all respond to life’s demands in different ways.


So what is well-being and why is it important to look after it?


Well-being pertains to different aspects of your being. including emotional and mental health, as well as physical health. (It is also the state of being “comfortable, healthy and happy”). I will be focusing and touching mostly on the emotional and mental aspects, as this has been a true, main focus of mine lately.


What are the Signs of Burn-Out and lack of self-care?


Break downs

Anxiety attacks


Over committing

Loss of focus

Not being present



Amongst various other signs, these are signs of lack of self-care. I’ve probably experienced most if not all of these due to not looking after myself properly in every area. Owning a business, really demands you to take a closer look at yourself and what could be improved. SINCE you are the most important aspect of your business and running a business demands your all; mentally, emotionally and physically. You must be on top-form (sometimes that’s not the case! I am only human after all).

Are you aware of your own well-being?


  • Are you attuned to your own physical health, mental state and emotional well-being?
  • Are you aware of your triggers?
  • Are you aware of your energy levels?
  • Are you aware of your own specific needs?



Creating a well-being plan that caters towards you and your personality … can help you figure out ways to help you look after your well-being better. 


  • Keep a journal and note down your reflections, thoughts and feelings.
  • Keep track of your sleep, eating habits and mood, as well as other aspects, which you think are important to your overall well-being.
  • Scheduling rest days into your week. As entrepreneurs, we can often have work on our mind, 24/7. Do we intentionally plan rest days? Do we make the most of those rest days too?


If you enjoyed this blog post, do share with your community and let me know what looking after your well-being looks like!


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