How to Write a Blog

Easy or not so easy?


It’s easy when you have a good, solid topic, related to your business and your audience.

It’s difficult when you don’t know what topic to focus on, nor how to structure it appropriately. A lot of people will construct blog posts like a piece of marketing copy. Those work well but blog posts (in my opinion) should follow a more structured and formal approach and structure – this lends better to a more flowing narrative style and sense of readability.

You want your readers to be able to digest the content readily, don’t you?

So, how do we go about writing a good blog post?

First of all you need a good, simple idea that will appeal, engage and inform your audience (much like this one ;))

Then you need some structure to your blog post too. I believe that you need to lead with a good introduction to let the reader know what the post will be about; then the main body, which will explain further about the title and main crux of the post. Within the main body, it is important to provide information that will be helpful, useful, and informative to the reader. What key takeaways can they take from the post?

Lastly, include relevant images to incorporate throughout the post to accompany and bring attention to different elements of the post. Go for imagery that incorporates a lot of light colours, rather than dark as that can dull the overall look and feel.

Let’s take a look at your own blog posts and content;

  • Are the blog posts relevant to your business and vision?
  • Is there useful, helpful content?
  • Is the content relevant to your particular audience?
  • Are there enough multiple entry points for the reader to dip in and out of?
  • Does the post follow a good structure?


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