Working During the Covid Pandemic

A lot of us have now experienced what it is to have to live and work through a worldwide pandemic. Who knew that this would happen in our lifetime? Not me.

It was when I was still working at the University, that the pandemic all of a sudden hit. Colleagues (and BBC News) informed me that there was something going on in Italy; this virus that was infecting the masses and spreading at an alarming rate. We watched this country go through it, and all of a sudden it hit our shores. We were then thrown into a state of emergency with steady increments of restrictions … This led me to working from home for the University, and then eventually losing the job and having to go back to investing in Wonderfully Mei Designs again. I was always used to working from home so it wasn’t an issue to me. But when restrictions tightened, retaining a sense of “normality” and routine was proving more and more difficult. The numerous lockdowns were perhaps some of the most toughest times on my mental health.

And even now, we are not quite out of this pandemic and the restrictions that are somewhat in place. Will we ever get back to “normality”?

My normality now, is pretty good. It pretty much resembles my life prior to working at the University. Except perhaps I have a little more grit and “gumption”. I, along with many others still work from home amidst the ever-changing economy, mid-pandemic…

What does working from home look like for you?

Working from home for me looks like;

  • Flexibility on the times I implement the work for myself and my clients.
  • Taking time off whenever needed (this is especially important, especially when my mental health needs more attention).
  • Working in the mode that suits me most (by myself, my introversion loves this!)
  • Working from the comfort of home.
  • Being able to cook a good brunch when I get up (no gross cold, packed lunches – soup noodles all the way!).


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