Arouna Montague – Therapist Extraordinaire

Arouna Montague Therapist in ‘emotional well-being , specialising in Trauma, Clinical  Hypnosis, and EMDR As I always emphasise, mental health and well-being are essential to running a successful business. If you are not looking after these aspects, you will be running on empty and not from a place of wholeness and a place where youContinue reading “Arouna Montague – Therapist Extraordinaire”

STOP! Pep talk time.

Here’s your pep talk for this week. Three things you’ve got to have within a business … Determination & Persistence Nothing comes to those who don’t do anything. It takes years and years to perfect your own method of selling your services, marketing your services and keeping your clients happy. You’ve got to keep atContinue reading “STOP! Pep talk time.”