Singular pages

Full copywriting service taking you from beginning to the end, teasing out the tone, within the context of your audience and overall brand for one page. This could be a sales page, landing page, home page or even a page for a brochure.



Full Web Copywriting package

Based on a 4 page website.

I.e. Homepage, About, Contact, Services, FAQ.



Brochure Copywriting Package

E-booklet, PDF document

Based on a 1 – 20 page booklet.



Let me know the scope of your project, the context, and most importantly your audience.

What copy do you need creating?






(by the hour $38)


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Top notch Copywriter. Personable. Easy to Work With. Pithy. Efficient and Cultivator of Word Magic.


  • Get on a quick onboarding consultation call with me here; OR e-mail me at to set a date and time.
  • Schedule a full consultation where we will discuss in more detail about your particular project. With this, we will discuss things such as context, detail, language and words that we would use within your copy.
  • I will work on the copy in my own time.
  • Correspondance will be done with 2 – 3 drafts handed to you to check through and approve.
  • One final consultation at the end of the project will be used to hand over the copy and to sign off.



  • A downpayment of a 1/3 of the project is required before the full consultation call.


E-mail me; or contact me using my contact page if you are interested!


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About Page

The Vision and Heart Behind Soft Rainbow

With Soft Rainbow, the best part of this whole business endeavour has been the fact that this has enabled me to be really creative with my hands. I am also able to explore my imagination by being able to create many, different knitting patterns. I also enjoy sharing my unique patterns with the wider knitting and crafting community!

I think it is vitally important to make and create all of my items, not just with my head but with the whole of my heart. 

The designing process of creating the knitting patterns is definitely my favorite part, as this is where I have the opportunity to really dig into my creativity. This process tends to be very organic and natural, where traditional methods aren’t used. Because of this, I am able to create something completely new and fresh.

My unique knitting patterns usually consist of shawls, and are made with many different colors of the rainbow. In this process, I enjoy experimenting with different colors (shades and hues), as well as using different yarn textures.

My favorite pattern of all the patterns I have created, is the Victoria sweater. This is particularly because of the overall construction and the particular process I went through to make this special pattern.

As you can see, a really unique design came out of this process – it started out as a shawl and eventually became a really beautiful and vibrant sweater. I hope that other people are able to see the uniqueness of this particular item too.

I envisage that you will be just as excited as I am, to explore the many, different patterns that I have to offer! There are a whole variety of fantastic patterns and colors for you to explore.


Product Descriptions for Glass Tiles



Blog Post Sample



For more samples, please do e-mail me and ask!