Creative Coaching

To accompany the creative services I have to offer, I have creativity coaching available on a one-to-one basis.

Because I know that sometimes our creativity needs a jump-start.


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Spark Your Creativity.

Light the fuse.



My name is Mei and I am the owner of Wonderfully Mei Designs. I will be heading up this Creative Coaching one-to-one initiative.

I wanted to introduce this initiative to accompany my creative services. This is for those who want a more intimate, guided and direct input into their creativity. I have had experience guiding people, from different walks of life as well as different levels of expertise too. I create the right space and freedom to create, dig in, and help you release your inner creativity that is waiting to burst out!


Who is this for?

This is for people in business who are looking to tap into their creativity again. To look at their existing structure and to see what we can do to improve not only their own individual creative endeavors but their business as a whole too.

This is also for individuals looking to tap into their own unique wealth of creativity and to rediscover what talents lie within.



There are two different routes which you can take, the 5 weeks of coaching or the 10 weeks’ coaching structure.

In 5 weeks, we can hit the ground running, with a quick turn around in bringing some creative flow to your life again.

The 10 weeks takes you into more depth and gives us more time to work on your craft and techniques that you may wish to explore further. We will look into all aspects of creativity in your life, and make changes accordingly.

  • Initial Consultation to get to know each other.; assess your abilities and your creative channels.
  • Analysis of existing creativity outlets.
  • Suggestions, ideas, action plan.

  • Prompts for implementation.

  • Weekly/monthly check-in with progress. How they feel about their creativity. What did they achieve that month? What would they like to focus on in the next?

Check out the payment and structure options below and see which would suit your needs and pocket the best!




Grounded Coaching Package.

Hit the Ground Running Creative Coaching.

$249 for 5 sessions

One Off Payment


Deeply Rooted Creative Coaching.

More intensive, guidance and support for creative coaching. Including creative day trips.

$549 for 10 sessions

Half payment at the beginning of the sessions and second at the end of the sessions.


One-off Creative Re-connection calls

A quick 1 ½ hour creative boost to help you reconnect with your creativity and inner flow.

This includes an in-depth analysis and assessment of client’s creative channels, and co-created action plan to tackle goals and aspects they want to focus on. This also includes a guided creative tapping session.

$65 (£50) for 1 1/2 hours




For any of the above creative coaching packages, do enquire at and we can discuss your creative needs.



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