Design Consultations

Want design advice and support?

I am here to offer in-depth and detailed advice on the many different, and intricate aspects of design.

With experience, skill and insight that I have, I can offer you the direction your design and branding needs! All within just one consultation session.

A photo by Sarah Dorweiler.


 So, how does it work?

  • Send me your designs via e-mail.
  • I will look over your designs prior to your call, and will make notes.
  • During the call, we will go over your designs in detail, with the notes I made; giving you my expertise and advice in terms of overall branding and design.
  • I will invoice you payment for $100/session (a great investment if you are not necessarily needing the implementation and just needing some amazing and directional ideas to drive your brand and design forward!).

  • Each session is normally enough time to go over several aspects of your design and branding elements. You may book yourself in for as many consecutive sessions as you wish. (Half payments are at least required before the consultation commences).

Not swayed just yet?

“Getting a design consult from Mei was so helpful for my wisdom card project. She hit on every single aspect of the design and talked about what worked and what didn’t from her perspective as a graphic designer. She brought up points that I hadn’t considered. Her feedback helped me look at my cards with a new eye and combine her professional feedback with my own vision. I would definitely recommend talking with Mei for a design consult!”

~ Kendra Kantor, Creativity and Acceptance Mentor


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