My Story


I have a degree in Multimedia Technologies (BSc), with a background and experience in marketing assistance, as well as Virtual Assistance to small businesses and coaches offering high-quality and specialist design and layout services.

Wonderfully Mei Designs actually started out as me just selling commissioned artwork and illustrations to friends and family. It was a basic hit the ground running experience if what it means to handle clients, unique client specifications and basic business transactions. I thoroughly enjoyed this but it just wasn’t bringing in a steady or consistent enough stream of money (I still commission pieces but they tend to be few and far between!). I felt it absolutely necessary to try and fine-tune my services down to just a few (I’m still in the process of doing so).




One of my first design projects that I was asked to collaborate on, was the above logo design. This was a pretty cool project to get involved on, as not only was she a friend but the project was an exciting one as I got to see her in the early stages of launching her consultancy business.

I enlisted the help of a friend to assist with the design, and this was the result of various consultations, and design discussions!

Website Polaroid Graphic


Recently, I have begun to really find my stride of getting my pitch right, creating valuable and exciting client conversations and converting them to great working relationships. It’s taken me a fair few months to get this right, and to find my “sweet spot”. With a combination of amazing Facebook groups such as, Being Boss, and the Six Figure – Freelancer hosted by the wonderful Jenny Beres, I have fine-tuned my own approach to how I do business, and finally found a “sweet-spot”.

The hustle has been hard, don’t get me wrong but I wouldn’t have it any other way. Not only has it given me the confidence back (that I had lost completely during teacher training – something, which I had undertaken 2013 – 2014), it’s brought out many aspects of my character such as resilience, endurance, and perseverance. I run this race for the Father after all;

“Do you not know that in a race all the runners run, but only one receives the prize? Run in such a way as to take the prize. Everyone who competes in the games trains with strict discipline. They do it for a crown that is perishable, but we do it for a crown that is imperishable.…”

I am thankful for all the Father has done for me the past few years. Delivering me from deep-set fears, and giving back to me in ways I would have never have imagined. #gratitudedoverflowsAs I sit here, meditating and reflecting, I am reminded of just how far I’ve come – I can’t believe I’ve come this far … It humbles me, the journey I’ve taken, and also experiencing seeing the inner transformation that has occurred.

And now, I work from the comfort of my home, and cater towards many different clients of different industries and many different timezones, and with the flexibility that I worked hard for! #aintlifegrand



P.S. I am also a great listener and love to give space to people to talk and create too, as well as love throwing ideas and creativity at people and dance around like a loon.